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Janet Benshoof  Fierce Defender of Women’s reproductive rights dies at 70.      On December 19, 2017 Janet Benshoof, who for 40 years fought for the reproductive rights of women, died of uterine cancer.  She was 70.  Her death followed … Read More

Why I Am Not a Feminist

Book Review:  Why I Am Not a Feminist by Jesse Crispin   I’ve been thinking recently of “feminism.”  It’s a slippery word; is it a political movement, a set of beliefs? an ideology? Is it largely a movement in developed … Read More

Belkis Ayon Afro-Cuban Collographer

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Ayón (1967-1999) was a incredible Cuban printmaker who specialized in the technique of  collography.   She is known for her spectacularly detailed allegorical collographs drawn from the Afro-Cuban secret,  men-only society of Abakuá.  Her work is largely monochromatic, consisting of … Read More